Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp Pigmentation creates the look of short hairs or a shaved head or "buzz cut" look with thousands of pigment dots that creates the look even in bald areas.

For those with a receding hairline or male pattern baldness we can give you a very natural look.


We will create a new hairline, match hair colour and proceed to tattoo thousands of tiny dots into the scalp to give you that shaved head look. We can camouflage post hair transplant surgery, or more density to thinning hair.


SMP for scar coverage.

Clients who have had a hair transplant and have been left with scars now have a solution. The shorter the hair the better the camouflage but it is extremely effective if the hair is longer. After your first session you will need to have a top up session and in some cases several sessions depending on the size of area and density you want to create.


SMU is non surgical and gives instant results, great for men of all ages and skin colours. It is cost effective compared to hair transplant surgery.


Client Feedback

  • "Annette was referred to me by my partner. My hair was 'thinning' and I wanted to have these patches covered to make them less obvious. The treatment was painless and the service professional. Annette talked me through the procedure and made sure that my expectations were met. The results are incredible! I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone who is unhappy with a receding hair line or bald patches. Thank you Annette Power!”

    Brett Henry

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