Permanent Makeup Training

Permanent Makeup Training

It is essential to choose the right semi permanent makeup training course and master trainer to get the best possible training available as this is an investment in your future.

The following semi permanent makeup training courses are all ONE TO ONE and we work at your pace in our prestigious clinic in London in the world renowned Harley Street.


Semi Permanent Makeup is the ‘must have’ aesthetic treatment for enhancing every woman young and old. Every woman wants to look as beautiful as they can and there are no better treatments than permanent makeup to achieve this. Permanent Makeup gives instant transformations and is an ever developing market with new techniques and looks which can be subtle and undetectable or more of a statement.


If you want an enjoyable, very lucrative career and a long term business in semi permanent makeup, our training courses are ideal.


Take our Aesthetic Permanent Makeup Course. This will give you the basic skills of creating perfect eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner with blend. Thereafter you can take further semi permanent makeup training courses and masterclasses to add to your skills and earning capacity. Equipment you purchase for this course can be used for all additional procedures with the exception of microblading which does not require a device.

Why Train With Annette Power Ltd?

Annette Power is a Permanent Makeup Master Trainer and has been established in the world famous Harley Street in London for 19 years. Getting trained in Harley Street is a way to offer Harley Street standards in your local area and will enhance your reputation. Your clients will pay a premium for your treatments knowing you have been trained to the highest standards. 


All Permanent Makeup training courses are ONE TO ONE, one student one trainer.  We provide all the models for you to work on. There is no need for case studies after the course. 


Annette, where possible, carries out the Permanent Makeup training courses herself. She has an impeccable reputation as one of the leading experts in PMU. She is sought out by clients worldwide for her skills for her ‘very natural look’ as well as the best person to rectify the mistakes caused by less skilled Permanent Makeup practitioners. 


Her client list is full of VIP’s, celebrities, A list stars and TV personalities. To Annette all her clients are whoever they are VIP’s. There are no different levels of service and pricing. All her clients and students are given the same care and professionalism.

How do I book?

To book simply call us on: 020 7224 0012.


Once we have agreed dates a 50% non refundable deposit will be taken, balance due 2 weeks prior to course date. Deposit by credit or debit card or bank transfer. We require 4 weeks’ notice to change dates 

Read from the training and client testimonials, don’t just take our word for it.


Pre-Course Manual:
A manual will be sent once the course is booked and deposit paid (50% non refundable deposit on booking and securing your dates, balance two weeks to prior to course date). Many students have a beauty or medical background but this is not required as we will teach you all the skills you need to start this rewarding career. We do not want to go through information you can understand and read yourself in this manual and waste valuable time on your course so this is home study material to learn and refresh your knowledge before your course.


Four Days Intensive One to One Training essential for such technical procedures on clients faces. We do not believe you first course should ever be taught in a group situation. Three out of the four days will be live models from 9.30am to 5pm each day, models provided by us. You have no stress of providing models yourselves, it’s all down to us.


Unlike other courses we are in HARLEY STREET not any out of the way out of town venue, you can tell your clients you were trained in this prestigious location and have it on your website.


We recommend after this course a little further down the line you embark on some of our MASTERCLASSES which are advanced skills taught in very small classes. However that is not essential it is entirely up to you how much further you want to advance your knowledge.


Annette is always on hand to advise and guide what is best for you.


  • Hair stroke eyebrows using a variety of needles
  • Eyelash enhancement top and bottom
  • Eyeliner top and bottom
  • Lip Liner with blend
  • Beauty spot
  • Colour Science
  • Anaesthetics and effective pain control
  • Health and Safety
  • How to set up your new room
  • Marketing
  • Client consultation and paperwork


Student Kit:


  • Everything you need for your new career:
  • Precision Plus Vogue or Nano machine
  • 5 different types of needles
  • Full size pigments 10 top colours
  • Supporting Colour charts and information
  • A selection of the best anaesthetics
  • Pigment holder
  • Pigment Pots
  • Aftercare sachets
  • Sharps box
  • Yellow bags for clinical waste
  • Measuring callipers
  • Markers for skin
  • Lancets and alcohol wipes for patch testing
  • Consultation and Aftercare documents



Level 4 Four Day Aesthetic course with digital machine (eyebrows/eyeliner/lip techniques) £4600 (plus VAT)

  • Introduction and information about Microblading.
  • Hygiene.
  • Understanding the clients needs.
  • Shaping brows on paper & on live model.
  • Stroke pattern. (Head Stokes, Transition & Brow direction.)
  • Practice on skim stimulation matts.
  • Skin & knowledge of different skin types.
  • Aftercare.
  • Pigment colours & colour theory.
  • Understanding how to use, hold & work with Microblading Tool.
  • Pressure when Microblading.
  • Consultation with client.
  • The process & procedure from beginning to end.
  • Advice on taking photographs.



Three days training £3100 (plus VAT)

Plus Level 4 £395 (plus VAT)


For those already training who want to go to the next level with new techniques and patterns and
gain more qualifications and more confidence


Two days training £2100 (plus VAT)


Manual Ombre Shading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique that gives eyebrows a shading effect without the use of makeup. The term Ombre comes from French and means shaded or shading. It involves combining microblading strokes with brow shading powder to create a denser, fuller eyebrow appearance.


As a combined beauty treatment, manual ombre shading has a distinct advantage over standalone procedures since it gives each hair a new level of depth. This makes it a popular choice among clients who suffer from alopecia, irregular hair distribution or extremely thin eyebrows. After the treatment, a high-quality 3D look is achieved, with minimal upkeep to maintain appearance.


Course Content:

  • Understanding the clients needs
  • Different shading techniques
  • Combination microblading & shading
  • Practice on skim stimulation matts.
  • Skin & knowledge of different skin types.
  • Aftercare.
  • Blend of pigment colours.
  • Understanding how to use, hold & work with Tool & Blades.
  • Pressure when Shading.
  • The process & procedure from begging to end.



One day £1195 (plus VAT)


Students who are on PMU can add to their skills by attending a one day course and add to their portfolio of treatments.


This is an excellent treatment for those with poorly applied PMU who want it removing or lightening prior to the start of new treatments. This also works for normal tattoos.



Half day £600 (plus VAT)

  • Nipple restoration after mastectomy and reconstruction
  • Scar camouflage surgical and burns
  • Scalp camouflage after transplant and disguising transplant scars
  • Alopecia eyebrows and eyeliner



£4600 (plus VAT)


Annette Power is a master trainer and every student leaves confident that they are trained and provided with all the skill and knowledge they need to give their clients with the highest level of service and results. Students who attend the Masterclasses are in small groups. The students must have previous PMU experience, insurance and have their own machines for some of the Advanced Skills Classes. The classes are held regularly in Harley Street.


There are Classes for technicians with experience in:


  • Microblading 3 day, 2 day + 1 day courses with digital machine or manual shading
  • Ombré eyebrows
  • Advanced Eyeliner techniques
  • Advanced Full Lip techniques
  • Removal with Gel (half day)




  • One day masterclass in Advanced Eyeliner Techniques £1200 (plus VAT)
  • One day masterclass in Advanced Full Lip Techniques £1200 (plus VAT)
  • Half day removal course with Gel specifically designed for PMU Pigments £600 (plus VAT)
  • Microbalding 3 day course. One to one or one to two. We are the only course to offer this training as other courses are all run in groups £3100 (plus VAT)
  • Microblading 2 day Advanced course £2100 (plus VAT), Manual Shading Ombré 1 day £1195 (plus VAT)

Training Feedback

  • "I have recently just completed the four day semi permanent makeup course with Annette. After much research into where I should do the course I must say I was not disappointed with my choice. I was provided with pre-course reading which I felt gave me a good grounding and understanding of micro pigmentation. Annette gave one to one training and really put the time and effort into building my confidence up, I can truly say I left the course feeling confident. Over the four days I worked on many models with different skin types, ages and hair colour. Annette has a great teaching style, she is a kind person with a lot of patience and automatically makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her training to anyone thinking of doing this course and I will definitely be going back to her at some point down the line for other training she offers"

    Lesley-Ann, Berkshire

  • "Annette Power is HIGHLY recommended and an Excellent Trainer. I trained with Annette back in 2012 and couldn't have been more pleased with the service delivered and the level of expertise, I felt in safe hands and although my training was very intense, it was also very informative, I felt I had gathered so much knowledge into the industry and the world of SPMU all down to Annette and this fabulous training course that she has put together. I feel when training in something so articulate and of course Semi Permanent that one on one training is key and as much it was slightly nerve wracking leaving on my assessment day knowing that I was now alone to perform treatments - I was never actually alone as Annette has always been there at the end of the phone if required and very willing to give me any advice and guidance needed. With so many years experienced in training and SPMU treatments I would definitely recommend a training course with Annette, A true inspiration!"

    Victoria Buglioni, SPMU

  • "Annette was very lovely to work with, I was able to have lots of one on one theory training and also I was the one doing the treatments on models through the whole week which brought me from being a shaking mess to being ultra confident and ready to go at it alone. I know Annette will be there to answer any questions in the future and I look forward to any dealings I have with her in the future"

    Roxie, London

  • "I've just finished a week's training with Annette Power at 22 Harley Street for semi permanent makeup and tattoo removal. I did a huge amount of research before I booked a course and knew as soon as Annette answered the phone that my decision was made. The course was a little more expensive than some of the others I'd researched but I'm a firm believer of 'you get what you pay for'. Annette is positive, friendly and made me feel completely confident and comfortable throughout the course. The first day consists of theory and a little practice on rubber sheets to get you used of the needles and the technique. The rest of the week is spent actually working on live models with Annette guiding you every step of the way. I loved every second of the course and would highly recommend Annette to anyone. In addition, I left with amazing brows and liner compliments of Annette!"

    Jade, Surrey

  • "I have just completed my 4 day semi permanent makeup training course with Annette Power. I had enquired about training at various places but Annette was by far the most friendly and professional, answering all my questions and making me feel confident that her training course was right for me. I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Annette provides a beautiful training venue and lots of lovely clients to practise on over the 4 days. I was worried that 4 days training wouldn't be enough, but having so many clients and Annette at my elbow every step of the way, I can honestly say that it can be done! My confidence grew with each client and Annette's relaxed teaching style made me feel comfortable with asking any questions, no matter how silly they may have sounded. I would 100% recommend Annette to anyone thinking of training in Semi permanent makeup, I enjoyed every minute of the course and have to say I was sad to see the end! I have come away feeling confident and have already started taking bookings for my own clients. Thank you"

    Kerry, Surrey

  • "Hi Annette, thank you for your time and patience. You made the course a very enjoyable experience and I would definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again"

    Jaspreet, Stoke

  • "I have used Annette Power as my trainer for the para medical / camouflage course and also the pigment lightening and removal of tattooing in a five day intense, one to one course. There was a good day to day schedule of clients and variation of treatments, with most clients having two different types of procedures. Annette was very helpful and explained in depth throughout new techniques when demonstrating, and the given straight over to practice, which is satisfying if you are hands on, visual learner. All clients were very friendly and willing to help with any questions or healing advice, which was great knowledge to take on board. Annette was always there and welcoming to questions at any time. This was great to check you had got the grasp of the technique and pure understanding. Very thorough in depth training and would advise to go with such an elite tutor in the business"


  • "I had wanted to train in cosmetic micro pigmentation for a while. I researched training providers and undertook a course with one of the best known. I finished my formal training with no confidence that I was competent to treat people, and horrified that I had spent a huge sum of money on such poor training. I was expected to treat a number of case studies unsupervised, and submit photographic evidence to gain my diploma, but having not completed a single treatment myself during my training this was out of the question. Further researching the field, and realising that I was not alone in my experience, I set out to find a trainer with integrity who would give me proper instruction. I wanted fully supervised training with an experienced practitioner and teacher; someone in whom I could trust to ensure I left confident and competent in my new skills. Thankfully, I found Annette Power. Annette teaches one student at a time and has impressive teaching and communication skills that bring out the best in even the most wary of students and clients alike. From day one, I felt I had learnt more in that single day than in the whole of my previous course. Over my four day course, I treated many models and gained enough experience to feel not only that I had actually earned my diploma, but that I really was a safe and competent practitioner. I am going to undertake advanced training in medical micro pigmentation and wouldn’t consider training with anyone else but Annette"

    Claire, Clapham

  • "Thank you Annette for your fabulous training! You taught me everything I needed to know to kick start my career in Permanent Make-up. You have a very professional but warm manner, amazing skills and want to make sure your clients and trainees leave your clinic with the highest new found confidence. I honestly feel I have been trained by the best micro pigmentation practitioner in the UK and I know that if ever I need to ask a question or ask for advice you are only a phone call or text away! I just can't wait to get started! Thank you for my amazing new career! "

    Selene, Sussex

  • "I just wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise. I really enjoyed the experience and you have boosted my confidence. It has been a really good experience and I am so happy I chose your training school. There is no doubt I would recommend you to anyone looking for your training and guidance".

    Anita, London

  • "I would like to thank Annette Power for training me in Scalp Pigmentation. I spent 2 days with her in Harley Street and from the moment I arrived I was welcomed and realised how professional she is. I come from the Hair Transplant world and we got straight down to the training program with very clear step by step instructions. I learnt everything I needed and was v happy I decided to train with Annette. I would recommend her, she gave me the skills, the confidence, reassurance and belief in my future in SMP. Now the training is over I am so looking forward to my future in SMP and now I have the equipment I am looking forward to training in semi-permanent make up! She is a lovely lady who is great at what she does. Thank you again Annette you have given me the chance to excel at what I believe in and that is to continue to help people and with her help I will continue to grow".

    Zara Ballinger

  • "I really enjoyed my training with Annette. I was given a good theory foundation to build upon and had a multitude of clients to practice on. Annette's patience with me was amazing and during my training I felt safe and I now feel confident to carry out Micropigmentation"

    Debbie Robertson, Edinburgh

  • "I recently attended Annette Power’s Micro pigmentation course at her practice in Harley Street. I researched the various courses available from other providers and can confirm the ‘one-to-one’ expertise of Annette, constantly given, and the fact that Annette is a talented, compassionate individual who wants and does provide a brilliant course giving you the skills and confidence to move your chosen profession to a ‘real business’ you feel ready to move forward with. Annette ensured that many models were available for eyebrow, eye-lining and lip-line and blush procedures. Annette oversaw all of these with intense interest and expertise. Intervening where necessary and encouraging the development of the skills needed. I can only say a huge THANK YOU. Annette is worth every penny and I personally would recommend her to anyone who wants to acquire the skills and learn from the best".

    Debbie H, Sussex

  • "A thoroughly enjoyable course. Annette's skill and patience transformed me from a nervous beginner to a confident technician - in four (very intense) days. Annette's training encompasses her many years’ experience, including all aspects of business and marketing. Annette's training is therefore extremely comprehensive and I'd recommend the training course to anyone considering a career in semi-permanent cosmetics"

    Leanne, Aberdeen

  • "I was recently trained by Annette Power in semi-permanent make up. I found the course very informative and quickly became confident with performing the procedures, thanks to Annette's guidance and constant support. I would definitely recommend this course to someone interested in the field, Annette is very professional and I enjoyed my time with her very much!"

    Amy, Chobham

  • "I had the most fabulous week with Annette and went home each night beaming from seeing clients happy. Annette is patient, knows exactly when to watch over you and when to let you have some space to build your own confidence. Her rapport with clients is inspiring and I absorbed a huge amount of knowledge from watching her in action. Having looked at other well-known training companies, I chose Annette as her one to one training you can’t beat. She is also a highly experienced business woman, which is vital in this trade. The huge amount of practical hands on work I achieved was far more than anticipated, and I now feel ready to go out and deal with real clients on my own. I know that Annette will always be on the end of the phone if I need her, for advice. In short, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to train with Annette Power. In fact, I would commend her to you without hesitation"

    Susan Thompson McMahon

  • "I was fortunate enough to train with Annette Power for my Micropigmentation Course, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Annette was patient, clear, and incredibly hard working during the course, and gave me all the confidence I needed to proceed with my own business, I would recommend her to everyone wishing to take up a career in Semi Permanent Makeup"

    Jan Jordan, Hindhead, Surrey

  • "I am very pleased with the training that I received from Annette. She is extremely professional and is by your side every step of the way. She made me feel comfortable and confident when I performed the procedures on the models. I had lots of hands on experience and did at least 16 procedures, I chose Annette because of the amount of hands on experience compared to other companies. The training was very good and I went away feeling competent and confident in performing semi-permanent make-up on my own clients. I continue to receive continued support at the end of the phone if I need to ask anything. The training is intense and long days however Annette made it very enjoyable with her great sense of humour and lovely models that she provided me to work on. Thanks again for everything"

    Catherine, Sale

  • "Annette was an excellent tutor and did not push me to do anything I was not ready to do, she was fair and firm. Very intense training, one to one so I went from a mixture of total panic to the best feeling when I got it and totally enjoyed it. I am so pleased I trained with Annette, I know I made the right choice. All the models were supplies and the ladies were all lovely, a very happy experience. I would advise anyone wanting to do this to train with Annette as they will have the best tutor"

    Lisa, Wimbledon

  • "From the moment I telephoned to enquire about the course I have found Annette to be confident, intelligent, hard-working, conscientious and honest. She is very passionate about her teaching and takes her work very seriously. I have had 4 days of one to one training with Annette and when the course was complete I left feeling confident about practicing my newly acquired skills immediately. We covered a vast amount of theory and most importantly practice. Annette was always at my side which gave me confidence, she is also very personable and made me feel comfortable around her. I booked to do an advanced training day as I was so happy with the first course"

    Yelena, London

  • "I was searching for a while to find the best place to train in the art of semi-permanent make-up. I am delighted I chose to be trained by Annette Power. I am an extremely experience tattooist and I was keen to learn these new skills. I found Annette’s response to be the most professional and knowledgeable yet friendly and honest. My training was extremely thorough with excellent attention to the methods of applying semi-permanent make-up, the correct use of colour, design, client comfort, cross contamination and machine and needle set up. There were lots of different models provided for me of various ages who came in daily for me to practice on and this was a great help. I would highly recommend the training course that Annette runs as not only does she have incredible skill and knowledge but she also took time to offer advice and support even when I had completed my training"

    Angie, East Sussex

  • "I wanted to let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed doing two days training with you after spending a great deal of money with another company and still not have any idea of what I should be doing! I wish I had trained with you in the first place as I learned so much more in the two days with you than the whole of the other course. Everything was made very clear and the pigments and colour books you use make choosing colours fool proof. I feel so much more confident know and have got clients booked in, something I could not contemplate after completing my course with the other company"

    Hayley, London

  • "Annette trained me 5 years ago in Permanent Make Up. I can honestly say that in those 5 years, she has always been there for me, she always answers her text messages the same day and if her phone ever goes to voice message, I have always had a return call within an hour. When she is teaching you, she is very calm and reassuring, even when you feel like you are failing or not picking it up she completely reinstalls your confidence with her kind construcrtive words. When I did my course, Annette made sure that she had lots of models for me to practice on, I had about 3/4 people a day, which was excellent and helped me so much. I had a variety of clients. People who had no previous permanent make up, people who had permanent make up, people with lots of hair, people with no hair, the list goes on! Annette has also trained two other people in the company I was working for and they have both said the same about her level of service.She supplies you with the best quality equipment and consumables in the industry, so you know your clients are getting fantastic treatments.On top of all of this, Annette is a very kind and genuine person who really is out to give the best training to her students. This was the best money I have spent on a training course.Thank you so much"

    Catherine Ella Harvey

  • "Simply the Best!" - and a lovely kind and totally professional lady

    Patricia Spratt

  • "Dear Annette, I just wanted to say how delighted I am with my eyebrows, yet again. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do them. Also, I can't believe that it's nearly 6 years since I first met and trained with you. I've been running my business ever since and it has grown beyond my greatest expectations. I'm so glad I chose you for my personal tutor. You can't beat one to one training. Thank you for inspiring me and for all the support I've received. I always recommend you if anyone asks me about Semi Permanent Makeup as a career. Thank you"

    Jan Jordan

  • "I looked extensively for training in Permanent Make Up and one company's quick response and speaking to Sam, who assists Annette, and speaking to Annette herself shortly after really impressed me. It was the only company I found based in Harley St and only does one to one training and provides all the models! Other companies do training in groups and expect you to find your own models!! Loved the training. I had three full days of working on models from 9.30-5 each day. I did not want to leave at the end of the course. Truly recommend Annette Power Ltd. ***** stars""!

    Stef Jojo

  • "Annette trained me 5 years ago in Permanent Make Up. I can honestly say that in those 5 years, she has always been there for me, she always answers her text messages the same day and if her phone ever goes to voice message, I have always had a return call within an hour. When she is teaching you, she is very calm and reassuring, even when you feel like you are failing or not picking it up she completely reinstalls your confidence with her kind construcrtive words. When I did my course, Annette made sure that she had lots of models for me to practice on, I had about 3/4 people a day, which was excellent and helped me so much. I had a variety of clients. People who had no previous permanent make up, people who had permanent make up, people with lots of hair, people with no hair, the list goes on! Annette has also trained two other people in the company I was working for and they have both said the same about her level of service.She supplies you with the best quality equipment and consumables in the industry, so you know your clients are getting fantastic treatments.On top of all of this, Annette is a very kind and genuine person who really is out to give the best training to her students. This was the best money I have spent on a training course.Thank you so much".

    Harvey's Skin and Beauty

  • "I have trained in semi permanent make up this year with Annette and have also done some extra courses too. I cannot thank Annette enough. She is the loveliest warmest kindest lady I have met and the most knowledgeable in the field. I felt so at ease from the moment I met her and she installed such confidence in me . I have learnt so much from her and feel there is so much more I could learn. The one on one training is 5 star and could not be learnt in any other manor. Annette takes the stress out of it all by providing all of the models for you, who are also lovely. I would thoroughly recommend Annette not only for training but to have a treatment with her. You know you are in safe hands and know you will get the best work and treatment for you".

    Lucy Douglas

  • "I was trained by Annette on a one to one basis so I could go at my speed and not feel intimidated by others plus she provided all the models for three full days. Really enjoyed it, felt full of confidence and as soon as I got my insurance (couple of days) I actually started with my own clients. Annette is always on the end of text, WhatsApp or phone for any additional questions".

    Sarah Jenning

  • "I've just finished an extremely intense training course with one of the best humans I've ever met. No one else offers one on one training with live models but on top of that, annette is a one in 6 billion human and i'm completely ecstatic that I spent the money in the correct places. It sickens me that such a wonderfully kind person has been dragged through the mud by people who haven't even met her?! Horrible. I didnt even know that people as glamorous and beautiful as Annette even existed. She isn't even limited to her glamour, she's just remarkably kind and wonderful, she's a patient, inspiring, brave, feminist with a pool of wisdom who would but insulted if I tried to summarize just quite how life altering meeting her was. If you think you've met talented, if you think you've met gifted, if you thi k you've met brave, and I'd you think you've met impressive. You might just be correct for the first time ever!!!

    Natasha Haggertay

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