Annette Power Semi Permanent Makeup

Breast / Areola

Breast / Areola

Permanent make up is applied to disguise the scars left by all types of breast surgery.

Whether you have had breast augmentation, uplift or reduction surgery scars are often visible post healing.


This is an excellent procedure to disguise the scarring by closely matching the skin tone and/or areola colour.


Also for ladies who have naturally light areola and simply want to darken them.


For ladies who have had breast removal and augmentation due to cancer this can be the final end to a difficult journey. A 3D nipple can be created to match the other or in some cases both are re-created.


Everyone is dealt with in a sensitive and sympathetic manner and we will advise what could be undertaken. Full consultation is given and colours and shape agreed before proceeding


*Please note that after PMU you cannot give blood for 4 months.