Annette Power Semi Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Price List

Semi Permanent Makeup Price List

It is advisable to choose wisely as cheap semi permanent makeup prices usually mean poor work with disappointing results causing distress and often needing removal, re-doing properly which in the end is more costly than paying a higher price initially and getting stunning results.

You will receive the highest standard of permanent makeup treatments and service as everyone is treated a VIP at the Annette Power Clinic in Harley Street. No one is more important than you and giving you the best results is our goal.


You can choose, with our guidance, the best permanent makeup options to achieve the look you want. We will guide you through options, prices, colour choice and shape and we will only start when you are completely happy with the shape and colour chosen.


All semi permanent makeup prices include a follow up appointment within the first month of the initial appointment.


We advise you to have annual colour boost treatments and the cost is 50% of the price of your initial treatment.


Please read through our semi permanent makeup price lists below.

  • Consultation fee £75 (if an appointment booked this is taken off price of treatment).
  • Eyebrows: £725 (Annual top up £395 one session)
  • Top Eyeliner: £300-£600
  • Bottom Eyeliner:  £300-£600
  • Top and bottom eyeliner enhancement: £525
  • Medium top and bottom eyeliner: £725
  • Winged eyeliner: £650-£850
  • Full lip colour: From £850-£1050
  • Beauty Spots: £200 (one session)
  • Freckles: £350 per session (in two different colours to suit a clients skin tone)
  • Full Face Package: £1650-£1950
  • Skin Tag/s removal: from £150
  • Areolas: £1000 for both full areolas including top up 
  • Areolas : £500 for one reconstruction including top up
  • Scars: from £250-£600 depending on area and may take more than one session
  • Non Surgical Facelift/Skin Tightening:
    • Non Surgical Blephapladty
      (Top eyelids and bottom bags, lines and crows feet): £599 per session
    • Top eyelid tightening: £325 per session
    • Bottom eyebags and lines including crows feet: £350 per session
    • Lower face and jowls: £550 per session
    • Mouth lines/smokers lines: £200 per session
    • Neck lifting: £525 per session
    • Forehead lines: from £75 -£250 per session
*Please note that anyone having beauty spots OR freckles CANNOT have laser treatments on their face in future

 All appointments must be pre-booked and deposits taken. Deposits are non-refundable.


*Cancellations or changes must be made with 48 hours notice (not including weekends) or a cancellation fee of 50% of full treatment cost will apply. These appointments are long and they can be given to others if you cannot attend. We will endeavour to put you in as close to your desired time as possible but please appreciate we are busy. Please attend promptly and we look forward to seeing you.


Due to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea requirements all clients wanting to use numbing cream must supply their own. Please bring Emla or LMX4 or similar. These products can be purchased at any pharmacy or online prior to your visit. 


Regards Annette and the Team!