Client Testimonials

Read a selection of testimonials from our clients below:

  • Had Semi Permanent Makeup removal with Annette - the consultation was really friendly and informative and I felt completely safe during the sessions I had. Annette is an expert in her field. So knowledgeable, friendly and amazing at what she does! Fantastic, thank you. Highly recommend.

    Daniela Fondrini
  • After some research I decided to contact Annette for my semi permanent make up, I am so glad I did. I opted for winged eyeliner and lips to be done. Annette is very reassuring and informative throughout the process and always replies promptly when contacted. She provides a very professional though friendly service and wants to ensure the client is satisfied with the end result. Semi permanent make up is great for a busy lifestyle!

    Claire Stewart
  • If you're thinking of doing a course, I highly recommend Annette! She knows what's shes talking about and being one to one you get the full benefit of her knowledge. The course was well structured and I left so confident. Will definitely be back for more courses! Thanks Annette! X

    Janelle Rushden
  • Annette has been doing my eyebrows for a while now and always does an amazing job.

    Isabel Hamer
  • Love love love my new eyebrows and winged eyeliner. I just wake up with make up and go. Annette i can’t thank you enough for making me feel so confident with my new eyebrows and winged eyeliner especially what I have been going through! After seeing you I feel like a new women ready for the world.
    Next I will be having my lips that lush red you do. Can’t wait :) xx

    Mel Howard
  • Annette was an absolute delight. A friend of mine recommended her to me and she has done an amazing job at fixing a permanent eyeliner I had done somewhere else. Annette was really lovely and carefully went through all the different options with me giving me lots of advice on how to get the best results for my winged eyeliner. Her work was impeccable and I am extremely pleased with the results. Thank you Annette for all your help and patience!

    Paola Carosella
  • So pleased I found Annette! I wasn’t sure about getting eyeliner tattooed on, but Annette was very patient in answering my millions of questions prior to me booking the appointment, prior to me coming in, and prior to the actual treatment...she really set my mind at ease, reassured me that she understood my ask for a verrrrry subtle line, and checked in with me regularly in between the first and check-up treatments to make sure I was happy. I am :) I would definitely recommend Annette (and have done so already). Thank you for the little extra to help my eyes pop!

    Esther Kho
  • Needed to correct my eye liner after a wrong shape being tattooed by another master. I have chosen Annette despite relatively high prices as I was happy with her works presented on FB. She works in a clean light cabinet and has a light hand, the procedure was so much less painful in comparison to my first unsuccessful experience elsewhere. It took Annette 1h to correct both eyes including using a camouflage to cover the extra ink remaining from my old eye liner shape (previously my eye liner was tattooed for 4.5h!!!). Im attaching the pictures from my first tattoo elsewhere and how Annette has corrected it according to the desired shape. She has provided me with the valuable instructions and an oil treatment. The scabs come off within 5 days without any side effects leaving almost perfectly filled shape. I am booking the second session with Annette to complete the job and hope it will be perfect for at least a year! Will aim to update this review in September when eyeliner will be absolutely healed after the second procedure.

    everjoyce sithole
  • I had the full works with Annette, ie brows, lips and eyeliner. Having had these treatments done a few times before by other establishments, I have to say that Annette is the best. The lips can be very painful, but with plenty of anaesthetic it was bordering on being a pleasant experience.... Annette is extremely professional and pays attention to detail, as well as having a lovely manner, all of which I do like.... I would thoroughly recommend.

    Elizabeth Carroll
  • Great Service, in-depth knowledge and amazing results, if I had done more research before, I would have chosen Annette in the first instance before using to Tracey Giles !

    Susan Becessar
  • I have had my eyebrows microbladed previously , they were a complete mess , I went to Annette to fix them , and the results were outstanding , my brows are perfection and I'm so pleased , I would definitely recommend Annette to anybody that wants perfect brows and an excellent professional service . Amazing !!

    Hayley De sola pinto
  • Had Semi Permanent Makeup removal with Annette - the consultation was really friendly and informative and I felt completely safe during the sessions I had. Annette is an expert in her field. So knowledgeable, friendly and amazing at what she does! Fantastic, thank you. Highly recommend.

    Daniela Fondrini
  • Annette did a super job on colouring my top lip, I had this procedure before by another person and the colour completely faded after a week! I was very disappointed and had lost faith in makeup artists!!! I tried Annette as a last go, and I’m very happy that I did. The results have been amazing and you are even unable to notice that any procedure on my lip has been done. The procedure was not painful at all, and was very professionally done in a short time frame. Annette I’m glad I found you.

    Jamil Maani
  • I have just completed my micro pigmentation and removal course with Annette and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. The models Annette provides are amazing, it was a privilege being able to witness and be involved in seeing the transformations that we achieved. I will definitely be back to further my training with her as I have now been trained by the best no one else will measure up. I can not recommend her enough. I left trained for my new career and also with a new friend.

    Paula Ramshaw
  • Annette’s standard of work is of the highest quality and I cannot recommend her enough. I have recently had my eyeliner corrected as it was originally done incorrectly by someone else and I can honestly say that there is nothing Annette can’t correct - I am in love with the end results. Annette has also done by eyebrow's and again the end results is incredible.. Annette's attention to detail is incredible and her work is extremely natural. I have booked in to get my lips corrected too . Annette puts your mind at ease with her pool of experience and will never allow anyone to leave feeling unsatisfied. Her models were also amazing ladies! Thank you so much Annette!

    Maria Ashikka
  • Had Microblading procedure Annette made me feel at ease from the start , she explained the procedure step by step and i am very pleased with the results, i would definitely recommend Annette Power

    Debbie Sweeny
  • I recently completed my micro pigmentation course with Annette and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of training and the way Annette puts you at ease. Annette makes it look incredibly easy but she gives you the confidence to handle all sorts of situations and you learn techniques that you wouldn’t learn on a run of the mill course. In all things in life you definitely get what you pay for and if you’re looking to change career I would definitely recommend Annette. The models were also very lovely!
    I’m now very excited about my new venture - thank you Annette!

    Paula Jowett ~ 01/07/09
  • Needed to correct my eye liner after a wrong shape being tattooed by another master. I have chosen Annette despite relatively high prices as I was happy with her works presented on FB. She works in a clean light cabinet and has a light hand, the procedure was so much less painful in comparison to my first unsuccessful experience elsewhere. It took Annette 1h to correct both eyes including using a camouflage to cover the extra ink remaining from my old eye liner shape (previously my eye liner was tattooed for 4.5h!!!). Im attaching the pictures from my first tattoo elsewhere and how Annette has corrected it according to the desired shape. She has provided me with the valuable instructions and an oil treatment. The scabs come off within 5 days without any side effects leaving almost perfectly filled shape. I am booking the second session with Annette to complete the job and hope it will be perfect for at least a year! Will aim to update this review in September when eyeliner will be absolutely healed after the second procedure.

    Olga Kuzmina ~ 23/06/09
  • I've just finished an extremely intense training course with one of the best humans I've ever met. No one else offers one on one training with live models but on top of that, annette is a one in 6 billion human and i'm completely ecstatic that I spent the money in the correct places. It sickens me that such a wonderfully kind person has been dragged through the mud by people who haven't even met her?! Horrible. I didnt even know that people as glamorous and beautiful as Annette even existed. She isn't even limited to her glamour, she's remarkably kind and wonderful, she's a patient, inspiring, brave, feminist with a pool of wisdom it would be insulting if I tried to summarize just quite how life altering meeting her was. If you think you've met talented, if you think you've met gifted, if you think you've met brave, and if you think you've met impressive- you might just be correct for the first time ever in regards to Annette.
    Do her courses. They are worth - Every. Single. Penny.

    Natasha Haggertay
  • I have recently had semi-permanent eyeliner done by Annette in her Knightsbridge clinic. I have been thoroughly impressed by her skill, attention to detail, and incredibly personal and customer-focussed approach. She clearly takes pride in her work and will not leave a client unsatisfied. (The only minor downside for some is that her clinic room is rented and very small - so you're not going to enter a spa-like atmosphere with drink on arrival. Personally this doesn't matter to me). I have had other treatments such as microblading done elsewhere, by similarly priced technicians, but for the above reasons, I would now come back to Annette for my follow-ups. (DOI: none - nothing to gain financially from this review!)

    Sandra Conway
  • I have seen Annette for both my permanent eyeliner and eyebrows and I love the results. She takes great care in making sure that you get the look that you really want and really talks you through the procedure. Annette is a genuinely lovely and talented person and I will always go back to her for any permanent make up I have done in the future. Thank you Annette!

    Amira Sultana
  • I have been having my eyebrows and eyeliner done by Annette Power for the last 6 years I can recommend her highly enough. She is the best in the business. There is no one I would go to apart from her. She explains everything in detail and her results are amazing.

    Gail Alexander
  • Annette micro bladed by eyebrows approximately a year ago. I constantly have people commenting on how beautiful and natural my eyebrows are. They look like I was born with perfect eyebrows. I have recommended her to so many of my fiends - who have since had their eyebrows done. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I now feel confident and beautiful! Thank you Annette.

    Danielle Maidana-Power
  • I have seen Annette for both my permanent eyeliner and eyebrows and I love the results. She takes great care in making sure that you get the look that you really want and really talks you through the procedure. Annette is a genuinely lovely and talented person and I will always go back to her for any permanent make up I have done in the future. Thank you Annette!

    Kate Wojciechowski
  • I can't recommend Annette highly enough! She is Professional, down to earth, friendly and her work is excellent. Just fantastic.

    Richard Labadie
  • Annette is at the top of her field, an excellent practitioner. She is a wonderful lady and I am thrilled with her work.

    H C
  • Annette is amazing. Very professional. Love my new eyebrows!!

  • Having just modelled for Annette during a training session for eyebrows, I can honestly say I am more than happy with the look acheived. She put me at ease on arrival and all through my appointment. Annette is clearly very knowledgable in her field and ensured that I understood procedure from start to finish. Also, and just as importantly, she detailed the aftercare required to get the best result possible. I would have no hesitation in recomending Annette to anybody considering her services.

    Jo McCormack
  • Fantastic microblading training with Annette, I would highly recommend. The best in the business!

    Emma Tudor
  • Amazing ! Amazing ! I found Annette by chance a few years ago , at that time i felt quite deflated ,and lacking motivation , I had noticed for a while that i was loosing my hairline and though my hair had been cut low for years felt the lost shape did not make me feel great at all .I researched micropigmentation for hair and thought it would be a ludicrous thing to do .I chatted to Annette and found her to be welcoming after a few months of deliberating I decided to give it a go , Annette has a natural friendly approach and i didnt feel as if she was judging me in any way .

    After completing a number of sessions she rebuilt the look that I wanted and I can not express the boost in confidence this gave to me ,im seen as clean shaven and sharp looking , the make over has boosted help my confidence back to where it needed to be , I have achieved so many things in my personal life as a result - Annette is a wonderful beautiful person , she really cares and i would recommend you give her a try .

    Notts J
  • Annette is caring and conscientious. She helped me with my unique requirements. The precision of my treatment by Annette was very much appreciated. Thank you Annette for your top service.

    Bindi P
  • First of all Annette is a kind hearted, warm and friendly individual. She has been so patient with me at all my appointments. Not only has she given me incredible shaped and filled brows, but has also always made time to fit me into her very hectic schedule. She is very skilled at what she does, keep up the outstanding work Annette. And thank you.

    Jemma M
  • I am a Male and had the unfortunate experience when I was younger of being victim to a prank whereby my eyebrows were removed. They unfortunately never fully grew back so I had to for years draw my eyebrows on. Recently it was suggested to me to that I have microblading carried out. So I did, but it was with a practitioner that only had experience with the female brow so I end up looking like a man with badly plucked eyebrows rather than a healthy bushy brow. I then found Annette Power by way of a referral. And I am absolutely over the moon that I did. I cannot thank Annette enough. First appointment done, and cannot wait for the second just to get the finishing touches. It feels strange not to have to worry about my brows waking up in the morning, on a rainy or sunny day and more importantly when I exercise. Annette is a true professional and amazing at what she does. She couldn’t be more calming and attentive. Thank you Annette - you really do work wonders.

    Joe S
  • Annette is an incredible trainer. I trained 4 years ago and the support I still get from her is unmatched. Unlike the big companies who teach you the theory then leave you to organise your own work space and case studies that they assess over email, you get to work very quickly with Annette watching your every move on models that she's arranged for you. If you want to enter this industry with skill and confidence, choose Annette!

    Leah B
  • I am so thrilled with Annette's work, I'd had semi-permanent eyebrows done elsewhere and I hated them, they were done so badly! Annette has been a miracle worker in removing them for me, which I’m so grateful for!!! Now I can't wait to heal so that I can go back to Annette and have my eyebrows done properly! Annette has also removed part of a tattoo for me, her work is fantastic! Apart from Annette's work, she is such a lovely, warm, welcoming, friendly & professional person - everything you want in someone to do a great job on your face. Thanks Annette xx

    Nicolette K
  • Annette was amazing, Thank you so much. I had my lips done yesterday, first time, I did not know what to expect but I was very happy. I did not feel anything, Annette numbed me and was the best I have had. I will recommend you to all my friends and family. 5* treatment and customer service. Very professional, I will be back.

    Rachel C
  • I would 100% recommend Annette Power for permenant make up. I had my eyebrows done for the first time and was very scared. Annette was very reassuring and put me at ease straight away. As I did not know what to expect, i expected it to be very painful. I was so wrong. Annette made sure to leave the anaestetic on for the appropriate time and so i felt no pain and then towards the end, just a tingle. I cudnt be more happy with the result. I am excited to go back and have my second appointment!

    Claire F
  • I suffer with severe OCD and Depression. Within the Diagnosis I have Trichotillomania too, which is hair pulling. I first had my Eye Brows Tattooed by Annette about 4 Years ago or so. To say this changed my life is an understatement. You see I pull out my eyebrows, slowly, one by one. Every morning I would get up and see my face, devoid of eye brows and feel a victim of my Mental Illness. When I took off my make-up of an evening, if the doorbell went, I would run, petrified that someone would see me, two steps at a time to my bedroom to reapply them. My Husband would get the door and chat until I came down. Finding Annette was a real game-changer for me as I won back the one part of my confidence and self-esteem that was still absent from my life. I now feel 'Normal,' not to mention attractive and sexy. This is the best thing that I have ever done just for "Me." I have written my Journey in a Book called, "Get Out Of My Head." The Forward is by Professor David Veale, who heads up The Priory - North London and also The Maudsley in South London. He is Europe's leading Psychiatrist in both OCD and BDD. I also went on This Morning with Philip Schofield and Fern Britton some 12 Years ago. I have devoted 25 years to being a Peer Mentor in the Voluntary Sector, working with In-Patients at Edgware, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals, on the Acute Wards. Plus I Founded and Facilitate the UK's longest running OCD Support Group, at The Priory, which is now in it's 26th Year. If you would like a copy of my Book, co-written with Judy Karbritz, you can get it from Amazon or I am sure Annette would pass on my email address to you. I have just been again to Annette for a top-up as our younger Son gets married in 2 Weeks time. We are expecting our first Grandchild in a July from our older Son. Knowing I can walk past a shop window, glance at my reflection, and smile proudly to myself is the final piece of my jigsaw. This may sound odd to you, but if Annette likes she is welcome to post my before and after photos to show you what her First Class expertise has done for me. I am beyond grateful and amazed every day when I see myself smiling back from my confident reflection.

    Alison I
  • Wow wow wow! What can I say about Annette. I have just finished my four days one to one training in semi permanent makeup. I was so nervous before I started but Annette made me feel so welcome and straight away reassured me and gave me all the confidence I needed. Annette’s training is so different to anyone else’s as it is literally just you and Annette so you have all the attention you could want and need!! I now know everything I need to know about the semi permanent make up industry and techniques etc from the queen of eyebrows. I have booked in for more courses next week and microblading in May! If you need a trainer who really cares about you and what you’re doing and your success then pick Annette! You need one to one. I already have so many bookings of people who want me to do there eyebrows as I am bringing Harley Street to them! Thank you so much for all your help!! -

    Molly O
  • Annette is a wonderful professional. I am having chemo and have lost all my hair so wanted eyebrows to define my face. Once Annette had a letter from my clinic to okay the treatment, she was happy to go ahead.

    I had the main treatment and two more subsequent top-ups - each time Annette has been attentive, her work has been fantastic and her stories entertaining!

    I get constant compliments about how natural and perfect my eyebrows are and they have made such a massive difference in how I and others view my face.

    I can't thank her enough for turning such a negative of my cancer treatment into such a positive for my self-esteem.
    Big thanks!! -

    Phaedra G
  • I am so thrilled with Annette's work, I'd had semi-permanent eyebrows done elsewhere and I hated them, they were done so badly! Annette has been a miracle worker in removing them for me, which I’m so grateful for!!! Now I can't wait to heal so that I can go back to Annette and have my eyebrows done properly! Annette has also removed part of a tattoo for me, her work is fantastic! Apart from Annette's work, she is such a lovely, warm, welcoming, friendly & professional person - everything you want in someone to do a great job on your face. Thanks Annette xx

    Nicolette K
  • I don’t usually leave reviews however it was the reviews and reputation of Annette as ‘The Eyebrow Queen’ that made her stood out and won me over. I got my eyebrows done 2 days ago, main reason being to cover a childhood scar. After a consultation in which Annette listened to me and also gave me her advice on the colour and shape, we went ahead. They turned out amazing, way better than I had anticipated and the scar is pretty much gone. It is going to make a huge difference not having to wake up half an hour earlier every morning to pencil in my eyebrows; I cannot express my gratitude. Will definitely continue seeing Annette for annual top-ups.

    The procedure itself was completely painless thanks to the numbing cream it was actually very relaxing. Annette made me feel very comfortable and she goes the extra mile to make sure her all clients are happy with a lovely goody bag and great service. She has even offered to do a bit of skin colour camouflage for free in our next appointment which goes to show what a lovely person she is and how important her clients are to her.

    If you’re on the fence about getting semi permanent makeup you should definitely give Annette a call, as she will be more than happy to discuss your options over the phone. We all deserve to look and feel beautiful.

    Once again, thank you so much Annette, I love my new brows!

    Vedana P
  • I cannot recommend Annette Power highly enough. Having been too scared to do anything about my non existant eyebrows after years of abusing them, she has transformed them. She is so professional and a true artist, a friendly, warm and caring person who goes the extra mile for her clients. Annette Queen of Harley Street, long may you reign. X

    Ronnie R
  • Annette did a brilliant job with my eyeliner went for my (free of charge) follow up appointment today & am delighted with the result. Wish I had done this years ago so if you are dithering go & see Annette she will put your mind at ease & you will be in good hands.

    Emily J
  • This was my first experience of semi-permanent make up (lip liner), so i wasn't sure what to expect. However i am very pleased with the results. Annette is a lovely lady who immediately puts you at ease and clearly aims to achieve the best possible service and result for every one of her clients. If you are considering semi-permanent makeup, then i would highly recommend a visit to Annette.

    Laura D
  • I found Annette via an online search and made contact with her, as well as a number of other businesses offering permanent makeup, to enquire about ‘fixing’ my eyebrows. Annette’s approach from the point of first contact was faultless; she was personable, efficient and professional. I was extremely nervous about the treatment but Annette struck the perfect balance between acknowledging the seriousness of her work and making the experience a fun and enjoyable one. She exudes confidence and has an excellent eye. My primary concern was that I did not want a look that was noticeably different and yet simultaneously I wanted Annette to fill a significant gap that I have always had in my right eyebrow. I simply cannot believe the result. The outcome has not gone unnoticed as I had hoped but for all the right reasons; I have had many complimentary remarks from people who have noticed a difference but no one has been able to spot the work that I had done! Annette comes highly recommended and for good reason.

  • Annette truly the Queen of Harley Street. Her work is first class and she is charming and personable. She did my eyebrows in 2016 and her work was much admired. It’s very subtle with a natural feel to it. This year I went for a top up and the refresh is looking good. Annette is my eyebrow artist of choice.

  • Annette Power! is a real guru in her field especially with choosing and giving the perfect results with permanent make up, which last - giving you the confidence that you need. I would recommend Annette who has years of experience and the touch to make you look perfect! 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you so much :)

  • I luv luv LUV my eyebrows, ultimately perfected and sculptured and totally natural looking. I am amazed by Annette’s talents and I am totally elated by the results and how they look, thank you so much Annette!

  • "So, I got semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner done with Annette. To be honest, I got inspired by the other reviews on her website and decided to take the plunge and get it done. I got it done almost two months ago, and will be going in for another touch up next week. I'm loving the fact that I really don't have to wear make-up (except for mascara) anymore. If there is anything I can share, it's that make sure you find a really good permanent make-up artist, Like Annette. Do not go to any commercial or cheap one make-up artists. It is something almost permanent on your face!! (well, laser removal and natural fading can help it go, but still). I made sure I found every 'posh' makeup tattoo artist there was in London , and found an amazing one in Harley street, London"

    Maz Jenkins, London
  • "I am completely in love with the brows that Annette power did for me. Mine were sparse and invisible. Now I have the brows I have wanted my entire life. Such gorgeous work"

    Margaret, Putney
  • "I absolutely love my eyebrows, they are FAB, I cannot believe how you have transformed how I look considering the awful eyebrows that somebody else did. Thank you"

    Anita, Fulham
  • “I have been seeing Annette Power since 2001 having had semi permanent make up in Australia as I did a lot of sports!! From the minute I walked into the clinic the professionalism, advice were very apparent. Annette would listen to your requests and give you options to achieve the best result so the client feels involved with their chosen colour and style. I have never seen anyone else nor wound I as the work Annette does is excellent and so natural looking that I now travel from overseas to get this high standard of treatment. Additionally Annette is a kind professional who obviously enjoys her work and her reputation precedes her.”

    Heather Anderson
  • "Absolutely amazing experience with Annette I only wish I had gone to her first rather than another salon in Knightsbridge. Annette was so professional from start to finish and is an absolute perfectionist. She did an excellent job correcting the already average job I had previously had done with my eyebrows and actually listened to what I wanted but was also able to guide me in doing what was best for me. Thanks so much Annette I will see you in 6 months time!”

    Laura Leeson
  • "I have been having my eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner tattooed at Annette's for some time now. Every time someone will comment on how natural they are. Annette always makes you welcome and is highly professional and I would recommend her every time."

    Sheri Atkins
  • "I have just had my lips and eyebrows done with Annette, they could not be more perfect. I am very happy, so delighted! It’s not the least bit painful which I was really worried about. It was a fun experience as Annette is such a warm and kind person, could not recommend more highly. Will be back for a top up in a couple of month.”

    Katie Winter
  • "Annette was referred to me by my partner. My hair was 'thinning' and I wanted to have these patches covered to make them less obvious. The treatment was painless and the service professional. Annette talked me through the procedure and made sure that my expectations were met. The results are incredible! I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone who is unhappy with a receding hair line or bald patches. Thank you Annette Power!”

    Brett Henry
  • "Having done all the research I could beforehand and read all Annette's 5 star reviews and had a referral from a friend I decided that Annette was the one for me for my semi permanent makeup. I visited Annette in Harley Street to have my eyebrows done and my eyeliner. Annette was so welcoming and put me at ease immediately because I was a bit nervous as this was a big step for me. The clinic was immaculate, clean and luxurious. As I sat in Annette's chair I was really worried it would hurt. Annette explained everything to me, put me totally at ease, and gave me choices on colours and eyebrow shapes. Her attention to detail was second to none and constantly checking that I was happy before she commenced was commendable and extremely professional, ( this is what you get with Annette and over 16 years of expertise in her field). It did not hurt at all!!!! I was so relaxed I could have drifted off quite easily.
    When I was finished I actually cried with happiness when Annette showed me my new eyebrows and eyeliner. I could not stop smiling from the inside out. My eyebrows look amazing and I feel like a new woman and people have remarked how much younger I look. I cannot express how happy I am with my eyebrows and eyeliner and what a huge difference they have made to my face. I feel like natural woman and I was treated like a star the entire time I was there. Annette could not have put me more at ease or been more professional. I would now never let anyone else do work on my face other than Annette. I trust my face in her hands completely. If you are thinking of having any semi permanent treatment done I cannot recommend Annette highly enough. If I could give 10 stars I would. I am one very happy customer indeed"

    Sam Rentz
  • "Having been recommended by friends who's semi permanent work looked absolutely stunning by Annette, I was not surprised yesterday when meeting with Annette. Her professional,caring and calm manner took away my anxiety and put me at ease straight away. Without rushing she listened and understood the natural fresh look that I was wanting to achieve. I found the treatment painless.
    I feel so happy and glowing from inside now, the confidence this has given me I cannot thank you enough Annette!!! I cannot recommend highly enough and will look forward to seeing you again in the future."

    Jane Whittington
  • "I have had both my lip line and eyebrows tattooed by Annette and I love them both. My lips and brows look fuller and thicker as a result and I feel so much more confident without make up! Annette is a lovely lady and a complete perfectionist; she is superb at her job and also fab at making you feel at ease (I was a little nervous/anxious the first time I went in as I didn't know what to expect) I wanted a really natural look especially on my lips (where I used to have a broken lip line) and Annette was great at listening to what I wanted and suggesting colours etc. She has a great eye and is meticulous with her work! The treatment also evened up my A-symmetrical brows and now people comment on how amazing my eyebrows are all the time :-) I honestly couldn't recommend Annette more highly, you will not be disappointed!"

    Victoria Adamson
  • "I have been a client of Annette's for over 10 years. Her attention to detail and professional manner have kept me coming back as well as referring all my friends to her Harley Street practice. The treatment is completely painless and I always leave feeling gorgeous! I was recently complemented on my 'natural yet stunning' make up on a recent holiday to Morocco, even pool side I looked my best. I cannot recommend Annette's treatments enough. I have my eyebrows done, my top and bottom eyeliner and my full lips. 100% natural looking make up that lasts and lasts. 5 star rating from a very satisfied client"

    Bronwen Richards-Cousins
  • "I had my eyebrows microbladed by Annette and her assistant Ella and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results, they are perfect and look so natural. No more having to pencil in my brows which were so sparse after years of over-plucking. I was a little nervous but they made me feel totally at ease. A great experience all round. Thanks so much!! "

    Fiona Foran
  • "I had my eyebrows done with Annette a few years ago and have been returning ever since then. She is brilliant and professional and the difference having semi permanent make up makes to the frame of your face is fantastic.
    A session with Annette is uplifting in many ways as she is so personable and likeable as well."

    Lisa Jenkins
  • "Today I had the pleasure of attending Annette Power's clinic at 22, Harley street. The friendly reception I received from Annette and her team was very welcoming and I was instantly put at ease. This was very much appreciated as I have never had anything like this done before.
    I was however keen to try this new revolutionary treatment, I was fast becoming tired of the daily ritual of having to draw and fill in my eyebrows. But alas, that is no more... Now I am the proud owner of a fantastic new set of Ombre eye brows! I have to say I am really pleased with them, and the shape is fantastic. I would encourage you to give this treatment a try, I shall be certainly recommending Annette to friends and people I know. Thanks Annette and team you are first class when it comes to Ombre brows."

    Sally Rodgers
  • "Hi Annette I would just like to say, I was so excited today to visit You Annette Power today at Harley Street and get my New Ombré Eyebrows. I feel like a new women I'm in love with this new ombré brow, I look like a different person I feel me again.

    Thanks Annette I'm so happy I came to you your the true QueenB of brows and I can't thank you enough.
    Many thanks , Melissa"

    Melissa Dane
  • "Annette is absolutely brilliant! I'd never let anyone else near me! Thank you for making me feel beautiful Annette!"

    Bonnie Hickman
  • "Wow what a fabulous service. Was made to feel comfortable and relaxed regarding treatment. Professional yet friendly. Well recommended."

    Ricky Birk
  • "Having my eyebrows done has changed my life! Im more confident and happy, I look good and feel good, thank you."

    Jackie Street
  • "I have just had my eyebrows and eyeliner carried out by Annette and was blown away at how fresh and natural they look. My eyebrows were non-existent and Annette has skilfully drawn individual hairs and perfectly matched my hair colour.

    Annette is a professional artist with years of experience coupled with a warm personality which puts you at ease straight away.

    I am looking forward to my next monthly touch up and having my lips done."

    Valerie Scott
  • "Annette's attention for detail is remarkable. I could not recommend her enough!! She truly is the best."

    Grace Joyce
  • "I am a 39 year old male who has experienced significant eyebrow hair loss through Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. Like most people who have experienced eyebrow loss or have very fine eyebrows, I was self-conscious about the lack of definition in my face as I have very little eyebrow hair at all. I tried not to complain about my situation but it was depressing seeing photos of myself as my face completely lacked any definition as a result of not having any eyebrows framing my eyes. I investigated the eyebrow transplant option but was told that due to my condition, there was no guarantee that the newly transplanted hair would also be lost to alopecia. The surgeon advised me to investigate semi-permanent make up as an alternative and I came across Annette’s website and videos from other patient’s testimonials. As a male, it is a big decision to make as I don’t think it is very common for men to have semi-permanent make up. I was concerned the outcome could look unusual on a man’s face. My visit to Annette’s was wonderful. I explained my situation to her and let her know what I hoped to achieve. She was then able to apply her technical expertise such as recommended colour, eyebrow thickness, texture, shape and the size of the gap between the eyebrows. Annette draws in the shape of the eyebrow which enabled me to get an idea of what the outcome would look like. I did not need to change her initial drawing but I could have tweaked them if I wanted. I was also a more difficult case as the texture of my skin has been affected by my alopecia but I couldn’t be happier with the results. Annette is a perfectionist who wants the very best outcome for her patients - I could genuinely feel that throughout the consultation and the treatment. If you are considering semi-permanent make up, please see Annette. Thank you very much Annette for giving me back my eyebrows and lost confidence!"

    Brian Macartan
  • "This lady CAN make a silk purse out of a pigs ear! Had my eyebrows corrected by Annette as I went to another place and ended up looking like I'd been drawn on by a two year old, which was not the look I was going for!

    So Annette sorted my brows out and I am very happy with the results and have since had my lips coloured in, as my bottom lip was nearly the same colour as my face! I have always been made to feel very welcome and comfortable whilst being with Annette and very relaxed. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to feel and look better to go and see Annette Power."

    Jane Wodall
  • "I would like to thank you for my eyebrow treatment I had with you. My new eyebrows look fabulous and I love them!

    The biggest difference, other than great eyebrows, is that I feel so much more confident now and look younger. Thank you so very much and I will be recommending you to everyone I know."

    Elaine Hawkes
  • "Had my eyebrows tattooed and full lips done. Absolutely over the moon with the results.

    Annette is super professional while making me feel totally at ease! Would and do recommend to all my friends and family."

    Mandy Whiting
  • "I had ombré brows by Annette. I had wanted them for ages but needed to do some research on who was the best and read all the reviews. Annette's reviews were what made me make her as my choice for my new eyebrows. I love them and they are amazing.

    Thanks Annette and see you for my top up very soon."
    June 19th 2017

    Melissa Howard
  • "Annette has been doing my eyebrows for quite a few years now. My last treatment was a few weeks ago. They look great as always, very natural.

    It gives me so much more confidence when I've had them done. Annette is very friendly and welcoming, putting you at ease. I'd highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get semi permanent make up."

    Isabel Hamer
  • "Annette Power is a magician! What she has done with my sparse, uneven brows is a miracle. I work in the fitness industry, and semi-permanent brows are certainly right for my work. Annette is lovely, professional and an artist. I highly recommend her."

    Margaret Dane
  • "I did some research before booking in with Annette for semi-permanent eyeliner. I knew I was in good hands but I was still a bit nervous! Annette talked with me first and established exactly what I wanted and then went through the after care with me.

    The treatment room was spotless and Annette chatted away with me during the procedure which was actually not painful! The end result ....... I just love the eyeliner, it has been done to perfection and I would definitely recommend Annette ."
    June 21st 2017

    Kate Pullen
  • "I've been a very happy client of Annette's for several years. After an early menopause my eyebrows almost disappeared, but Annette's skill restored them to a beautifully natural looking state. Annette is a talented professional as well as a thoroughly lovely woman - I can't recommend her enough."
    July 3rd 207

    Elizabeth Truesdale
  • "I have been going to Annette for a while now and she does such a great job, I know I can always trust her. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and really takes interest in you."
    June 30th 2017

    Nathan Wolfson
  • "How refreshing to find the "Real" Queen of Eyebrows. Someone who listens and discusses in depth what you want and how best to achieve the results given your colouring and shape.

    Annette is the Best on the market and I don't mean a Cattle Market which has been my experience in some of the most high profile beauty places advertised. This is real quality work and products at a real price. Thank you Annette for treating me so very special as I have discovered at your salon everyone is a VIP and not just celebs!!"
    June 30th 2017

    Maureena Mohammed
  • "I have had really bad scars from a bad hair transplant and I see Annette annually for a top up. You can't really see them anymore. Perfect colour match. She is very funny as well as professional. I love going to see her".

    Adam Connaught
  • "Annette microbladed my eyebrows. I love them they are really natural and a perfect colour to match my hair and skin tone. Super happy. I am going to have my lips done next".

    Henrietta Fullam
  • "I have been seeing Annette for 11 years to do my eyeliner and eyebrows. I would never go anywhere else. It's a lovely experience. I can't even feel it being done after the second anaesthetic and fell asleep once. Thoroughly recommend. Hope she never retires"!!

    Sammie Goodham
  • "I have been seeing Annette Power initially because she is in Harley Street but after the first visit I knew I had found a gem. She is lovely and so professional and really takes her time and listens and she always re draws my brows on every top up and always asks if there are any changes to colour or shape. She has never got complacent. I always love seeing her. It's been 8 years now".

    Francis Baker
  • "About 10 years ago I went somewhere expensive in Paris and they did my brows. They were awful and I thought I was stuck with them. They even turned grey!! I didn't know they could be removed. We are now in the process of removal. Not painful. Annette shows you on the tissue the colour coming out. Which is great as I know it's always getting lighter. There will be a couple more sessions and they will be gone for good. So thrilled. Then Annette is going to do them properly. Can't wait. Highly recommend Annette 5 stars all the way".

    Clare Hayward
  • "Just had my horrible thin lips done. After the two anaesthetics Annette uses I didn't feel a thing. My lips are amazing. They look perfect and bigger as they needed to. Lovely soft blush and very natural. I will be recommending Annette to all my friends who go elsewhere in Knightsbridge and they feel it's like a cattle market. Service with Annette exceptional. I think I will be brave enough to have top liner now"!!

    Jenny Taylor
  • "Annette has been doing my eyebrows for about 5 years now - initially I was a little apprehensive about having them done but I was persuaded by a friend. Many years of over plucking when I was young had left them virtually non-existent. The transformation to my face is indescribable - I receive so many compliments and look at least 10 years younger".
    July 13th 2017

    Annette's skills are truly amazing - a year ago I moved to the North West of England, however I knew that I would trust no one else with such an important task and recently made the 500 mile round trip to visit Annette in Harley Street - I wasn't disappointed"!!

    Fiona Kennedy
  • "I am a personal trainer and I compete in body building shows and competitions so I always have to look good. Also I get sweaty so normal make up comes off. Not anymore. I used to go to somewhere else well known. It was like a cattle market. So busy, staff rude. I have now found Annette. I am never going anywhere else. I have already booked my annual top up. Huge thanks".

    Camilla Becket
  • "Annette does my eyebrows, winged eyeliner and full lip blush. After going elsewhere I found seeing Annette so much better. I fly in to see her from Mexico. I have been seeing her for two years and four of my friends also flew from Mexico to have their brows done. We want her to come to Mexico! I love her".

    Amy Whithall
  • "Wanted to say a massive thank you for tattooing my areola scars. Excellent result and colour match. Annette has a huge number of colours for everything. We discussed everything in detail first. There was a bit of discomfort but results worth it".

    Amelia Jennings
  • "Annette is the consummate professional ....a beauty consultant as well as a talented artist! She will never rush a session...she will spend as much time as needed to achieve an excellent result. Her follow up is the best I've ever had....and she's available 24/7 should you have any questions or concerns. I have known Annette now for 6 years and can't recommend her highly enough"!!!
    July 17th 2017

    Melanne Maddalene
  • "Annette used microblading on my brows for the first time yesterday and I am so happy with them. They look so natural and I have had so many comments on how good they look. Annette is very professional and makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Annette explains the whole process to you, so you know what to expect. I would highly recommend having your brows done, they make you look fabulous!! My brows look amazing. Thank you so much".
    July 18th 2017

    Lynsey Hills
  • "From the first phone call Annette made me feel comfortable and happy. I am so happy with my eyeliner and eyebrows and I am not an easy lady to please. I would highly recommend Annette. You can trust her and her skilled work".
    July 18th 2017

    Becca Forsyh
  • "Had a tattoo removed over a period of time and what a wonderful job that was by Annette. I also had the tattoo that was removed tattooed to a skin tone and now it looks like I don't have one . Would recommend Annette and her treatment to anyone very professionalism and great results".
    July 18th 2017

    Lorraine Manzi
  • "Great treatment and made to feel like a VIP! Long term scar was treated and almost invisible. Made to feel very comfortable. Service excellent".
    July 18th 2017

  • "I attended Annette's clinic 3 times. She Listens well to the look you want to achieve, and she gives you strict thorough after care advice. Which is very important to look after her careful and delicate work. Thank you Annette for giving me the natural full brows I wanted to achieve".
    July 19th 2017

    Jemma Moore
  • "I was recommended to Annette Power 5 years ago and it's the best recommendation I have ever had. I started off with Hair Stroke brows and then moved on to ombré brows, I had natural eyeliner then I changed to eyeliner with a flick! I had lip liner then full lips and Annette has changed my look and made me to look a natural beauty and my confidence has changed dramatically I feel like a new women and it's all thanks to Annette Power!

    I have recommended so many friends to Annette who have all been amazed with their results and we would highly highly recommend any one to go to Annette Power for her treatments and experience and just to go and have a day with Annette Power she changes your life".
    July 19th 2017

    Melissa Howard
  • "I went to Annette for semi permanent makeup for freckles around my nose and cheeks. Annette was very professional and made me feel very relaxed whilst talking me through the process. She also got a good understanding of what I wanted before beginning. The treatment itself was very quick and pain free, quite relaxing actually! Straight after I could tell that Annette had listened to exactly what I wanted and had placed them "naturally" where the sun would hit and had done a perfect amount, not too many and not too little. I went on holiday that week and got so many compliments about my freckles but no-one could tell that it was semi permanent makeup, as it gave such a natural look which is perfect for me. Thank you"!
    July 20th 2017

    Bella Rasmussen
  • "Annette is always a pleasure to deal with, Very reliable and knowledgeable".
    July 21st 2017

    Shay Mary
  • "Having had microblading with Annette, I now couldn't imagine life without it! I was always self conscious of my over plucked brows and would worry about my drawn on versions washing off in the rain and on holiday. My self esteem has had a massive boost since Annette fixed them and I have had so many compliments on my now perfect brows! Thank you so much Annette" xx
    July 29th 2017

    Hannah Derry
  • "I have been going to Annette for quite a few years now, and wouldn't trust anyone else with my perm make-up. She is Simply the Best! Very professional in her work and a joy to go to, always puts you at ease and I have always been more than happy with the results".
    July 31st 2017

    Sheri Webb
  • "Annette gave me beautifully straight eyeliner with pretty little flicks. She's great fun, highly skilled and this is the 3rd time I've trusted her with my face! Would highly recommend". x
    August 1st 2017

    Betty Thesmann
  • "I have been a model for Annette's students twice, and both times I have been impressed by the friendliness, professionalism, and the quality results. Annette's calm manner and instructions to her students and to me, have made for a totally relaxing and enjoyable experience. I look forward to returning in the near future.
    August 1st 2017

    Pat Spratt
  • "The consummate professional and a pleasure to work with".
    August 1st 2017

    Charlotte Drinkwater
  • "Wonderful friendly professional service. My eyebrows are perfect now. Thank you so much".
    August 2nd 2017

    Paula Bull
  • "Have visited Annette on a few occasions having eyebrows, eyeliner and lip-liner done. Have always been 100% happy with the outcome. Such a welcoming atmosphere, I would recommend her to anyone".

    Kelly Whiting
  • "Annette created beautifully straight, neat, clear eye liner for me with pretty little flicks. She's great fun and extremely skilled. I've trusted her with my face 3 times now and would highly recommend her".

    Suzi Warren
  • "This is the best semi permanent make up artist I have ever standards and skills. Having previously had my semi permanent eyeliner done in Sydney by a well known Specialist in the area I was a bit wary when I came to the UK if I could find anyone of the same standard. I did my research by this time the eyeliner needed a top up and I ended up in Harley Street with Annette Power.

    What a great choice I had made, the research had paid off.... I was instantly impressed with the clinic, staff, surrounds but more importantly 'Annette Power' herself, she is professional , kind and friendly so I was reassured immediately. We talked about what I wanted the colours and thickness she listened made a few suggestions with her colour charts and I now have the most fabulous eyes, the liner is a little thicker than before and gets right into the base of the lashes so very natural looking which is just what I wanted. This is one of the many talents Annette has as she will give you other ideas to enhance your natural features which you can think about or not. Annette suggested having my eyebrows done which would bring out my eyes this was something I had never considered. I went away thought about it and a few months later when I was back to do the course (I was hooked) I had my eyebrows done and it changed my whole face, it made me look fresher and younger. I have now had my lips done too with a subtle blend and they too look great, the work is precise and certainly enhances natural features, if you are thinking about it and want to look gorgeous:eyebrows with single hairs so its natural or thicker with a denser look, eyeliner thin or thick coloured or not, flicked or not and lips either bright or subtle just outlined or not this is the lady in London to see, she's simply the wont be disappointed".
    August 1st 2017

    Joan Anderson
  • "I chose Annette Power for her excellent reputation. I had my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips done. She listens and understands exactly the look you want and she delivers this with flair. She is kind, caring, conscientious, professional, accurate and knowledgeable. Her after care is beyond helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Above all else you will get an outstanding personal service. You will love the results - perfectly groomed at all times".
    August 5th 2017

    Solid Property
  • "I did a lot of research to find someone to do my eyeliner and decided to see Annette Power based on all the positive reviews. I was delighted with the result and over time Annette persuaded me to have my eyebrows microbladed.

    I had always resisted because I had never liked myself with pencilled brows in but realised that as my eyebrows started to become more sparse they were letting down my overall appearance. I finally took the plunge based partly on my utter belief in Annette and am truly thrilled with the result. I bet a lot of people say this-why oh why didn't I do it years ago. Annette is an amazing lady, a lovely person but most importantly she is VERY VERY good at what she does.5 star ++++".
    August 4th 2017

    Lorna Ferguson
  • "I had my eyebrows done by Annette a couple of weeks ago, they are fantastic! I am looking forward to booking in my 'top up' in the next couple of weeks!

    Thank you Annette - See you soon".
    August 9th 2017

  • "Thank you for the treatment today! I am really thrilled about the result! I have already showed my picture to a friend who says she's definitely going to save up to get her brows done".

    Laura Guan
  • "I was recommended to visit Annette via a close friend, and after reading the reviews for myself I knew I was in good hands. I had previously had my brows and lashes done but I was nervous about having my lips done as I had heard they were painful.

    I really had nothing to worry about, yes it was sensitive but completely tolerable. The shape and colour is amazing and I'm really looking forward to the top up! Thank you Annette" ❤️
    August 13th 2017

    Jaye Egerton
  • "Today I visited this most amazing lady and came away feeling a totally satisfied, glowing and happy lady once again. Annette saw me to try to repair a total mess that someone had left my eyebrows in and WOW did she complete this. They were grey, wonky and ugly!

    Now they are vibrant, straight, colourful and make me feel human again. She also talked me through the whole process with contentment and pure honesty. A lovely lady who deserves her 5 star rating. I've also had eyeliner done, which is again of course perfect and I've booked my lips and old tattoo removal in for two weeks time already. Totally happy today and so glad I waited to see the right person at last. Money well spent.
    Thank you so much Annette".

  • "I have been having permanent make-up done by Annette for almost three years now. I would not go to anyone else but her! Her work is amazing and has changed my whole face. I have always had awful brows but thanks to Annette they are gorgeous now. Annette is absolutely brilliant"!
    August 29th 2017

    Michelle van Wyk
  • "Annette's experience in this field is extraordinary, she has given me the most amazing eyebrows of which I can't thank her enough. Before knowing of Annette I had tried someone local to me, this person was young and inexperienced and I paid the price. The tattoos were not symmetrical and the shape was all wrong - I then resorted to an eyebrow transplant which also proved unsuccessful, pricey and painful. I was scared to do anything again but after finding Annette and visiting her for a consultation she made me feel comfortable and confident, she took her time with me and kept giving me reassurance. The shape and colour of my new eyebrows is so natural and has lifted my face as well as my confidence - no more hiding behind my fringe! I can't recommend Annette enough. Thank you Annette! PS: Just as an added little bonus to my day in London I came away from Harley Street with a lovely goody bag from Annette "

    Angie Smith
  • "I had paid £600 for my eyebrows and thought I would get a good job, I should have checked the reviews, I had to look properly at reviews this time as it is my face! Can't believe the blocked mess,( they called eyebrows) I had done at the other place also very well known in Knightsbridge. The transformation is amazing I cannot believe how fabulous they look, the best money I have every spent"!
    August 30th 2017

    Amy Brooks
  • "An all round five star rating: superb natural brows, amazing service from a highly professional person who is more than talented in her art form and additionally besides walking away with fantastic brows I received an awesome goody bag to remember my experience"!
    September 19th 2017

    Faeza Khan
  • "I had my lips and eyebrows done by Annette. I have been researching for about 2 years. I was nervous but I had no reason to be. I did not feel a thing apart from a little tingling on the lips but Annette used 3 different anaesthetics so really comfortable after the initial tingling. The results after the colour died down when they healed (about 6/7 days) are so natural that I don't need to put on makeup unless I am going out somewhere special at all! I usually made myself up fully every morning, but not anymore. Just a bit of mascara that's it. ********** stars.
    September 19th 2017

    Michelle Jamie
  • "I was recommended to Annette Power by my well known plastic surgeon as I was left with scars, he recommends all his patients to her as she is so good as disguising scars. Great results. Cannot really see that I had scars now".
    September 20th 2017

    Jenny Elms
  • "I had winged eyeliner with Annette. I look amazing it's quite dramatic because that's what I wanted! Love my eyeliner sooo much and I completely 100% recommend Annette."
    September 21st 2017

    Amelia Ahmed
  • "I was made to feel welcome the moment I stepped in, Annette is a lovely down to earth person, and is very professional at her job. Brows so far look fabulous I cannot wait to see the final results once they have healed.. highly recommend".
    September 23rd 2017

    Carly Barton

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