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Based in Harley Street in Central London

Our experienced and qualified staff are always willing to answer all your questions and we ensure that all our customers' needs are met to perfection.

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Semi Permanent Make Up Training Courses

You can train your own therapists in our training centre in Harley Street London or we will train in-house on your own premises for multiple students.

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Treatments Carried Out By Annette Power

You will be treated by the best, top trainer and highly skilled expert in this field, regarded by many as "The Eyebrow Queen".


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    We will give you the eyebrows you had when you were younger and dramatically turn back the years with beautiful natural eyebrows that will frame your face.

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    By applying a fine line through the lash line, top, bottom or both this gives the appearance of more lashes and defines the eyes.

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    Our lips often become paler and thinner and we lose the lip line definition. This can all be re-created with lip liner with lip blend or even full lips.

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    Training Information

    Semi Permanent Makeup Training Courses. Click here for more information

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    Scalp Pigmentation

    Scalp pigmentation is a treatment which replicates the look of real short hair giving the appearance of a “number one” cut or “buzz cut”.

  • tattoo removal
    Tattoo Removal

    Over recent years there has been an increase in the number of tattoo procedures being carried out, some people are unhappy with the results

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    nipple areola reconstruction

    This is the only treatment that can restore colour for patients following breast cancer.

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    Alopecia is loss of hair. It comes in a variety of patterns with a variety of causes although often it is idiopathic.

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    Vitiligio is a chronic disease that causes depigmentation. This disease can severely change your appearance.

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    Once burnt skin has healed or after a year on from a skin graft camouflage pigments can be used to help the appearance

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    Men who take care of their appearance undertake grooming for the face as well as their bodies.

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    SCAR Camouflage

    Generally a year after a scar has healed pigments can be used to match the skin colour of the scar.

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    Training Courses

    If you would like to develop your skills or are considering starting your own extremely profitable business.

Annette Power - Semi Permanent Makeup

  • Annette Power

    Annette Power has had a Clinic in the world famous
    Harley Street for over 13 years. She has an impeccable
    reputation as one of the leading specialists in semi-permanent make up, medical tattooing and training.

    She is also sought after as the best person to rectify the
    mistakes made by others using her full range of skills including camouflage and removal.



    Annette is regularly consulted as an expert in her field for advice and asked to write articles and guidelines for inclusion in publications and training manuals for the beauty and aesthetic industry and has been appointed by BABTAC as their micropigmentaion specialist.



Semi Permanent Makeup - Testimonials

  • “I went to Annette as I had horrendous scarring post several surgeries for hair transplants, which were not successful. I now keep my hair short and do not wear a hairpiece! I am beyond thrilled with the results after Annette did scalp pigmentation and highly recommend her, she has changed my life!

    David, London, April 2013
  • Annette recently did my eyebrows and I am absolutely thrilled with them!! If I had known how great they would look, I would have had them done years ago. My Mum was so impressed she has now had hers done too. The whole experience was brilliant and Annette is so professional and accommodating!

    Nicola, Essex, Nov 2012
  • Annette is without doubt the best person for semi permanent make up!!!! I will always see her from now on. Paying for mum for her Xmas pressure!! Plus 2 top celebrities in waiting room to see her after us!! Very impressive. She never mentions her celeb clients - very discreet!

    Vanessa and Sue, London, Oct 2012
  • Just wanted to drop you a note Annette to say a very big THANK YOU!!! Delighted with my brows, wish I'd had them done years ago now. Thank you so much and thank you for being so nice and understanding, you are a truly lovely lady.

    Sharon, London, October 2011
  • Annette is brilliant! I asked for very subtle natural eyebrows and eyeliner and I look 10 years younger, I haven't looked this good since my 20's! I am so thrilled, it wasn't even painful and Annette is a really lovely person!

    Camilla, Chelsea, May 2011
  • Just had my eyebrows and full lips done, they look amazing, I am very light blond and was really worried I was going to get something too dark but I have the most natural looking, subtle blond hairstroke eyebrows

    Michelle, Leicester, May 2011
  • I have just had my lips and eyebrows done with Annette, they could not be more perfect, I am very happy, so delighted! It was a fun experience as Annette is such a warm and kind person, could not recommend more highly.

    Selina, Feb 2011
  • After thinking about having my eyebrows done for years I looked extensively on the net and checked to get the top person and I certainly found her in Annette Power.

    Akini, Jan 2011
  • I am thrilled with my treatments with Annette. My make up has changed my life as I have alopecia and my eyebrows and eyelashes have grown back but I still see Annette for top ups.

    Fabiana, Jan 2011
  • I was burned as a baby and went to Annette who unbelievably treated me for free as she knew I could not afford treatments. She gave me perfect eyebrows I only had one as the other was burnt off, changed my lobsided mouth read more

    Carla, Nov 2010
  • Couldn't recommend anyone more highly, Annette is a perfectionist and my eyebrows are simply fabulous. I am going to have my eyeliner done next week. It's not the least bit painful which I was really worried about.

    Bonnie, Nov 2010

Featured Reviews

Featured Reviews